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Welcome to the harp-l mailing list!

Harp-L is a public forum for free speech on all topics concerning 
harmonicas.  It is sponsored by SPAH, Inc., 
(http://www.spah.org)  The Society for the Preservation 
and Advancement of the Harmonica, a Michigan Non-Profit 
Corporation, with support from the American Harmonica Newsmagazine 
and the members of Harp-L.  SPAH does not edit or censor the 
information posted by subscribers and the views and opinions 
expressed by the subscribers are not to be considered those of 
SPAH, Inc.  However, SPAH does support the accepted rules of  
“Netiquette”, as directed by the list owner.

There is no charge for anyone to subscribe to Harp-L.  If you find the 
Harp-L a valuable and enjoyable resource and wish to help support it 
financially to help assure its continuance you might consider joining 
SPAH or sending a small donation marked "for Harp-L."   

                                Thank you,   
                                Douglas Tate, President


If you ever want to remove yourself from this mailing list, or 
sublists, you can send mail to: majordomo@harp-l.com with 
the following command in the body of your email message:

    unsubscribe harp-l
    unsubscribe harp-l-digest
    unsubscribe harp-l-clubnews
    unsubscribe harp-l-workers
    unsubscribe harp-l-funding
    unsubscribe harp-l-friends

depending on which you are subscribed.

Here's the general information for the list you've
subscribed to, in case you don't already have it:

[Last updated on: Wed Mar 31 1400:00:00 PST 1998]

Listname:       Harp-L@harp-l.com
List Owner:     Michael Polesky owner-harp-l@harp-l.com
List Purpose:   Discussion of all things related to the Harmonica
Archives:       http://www.harp-l.com/harp-l/archives

Harp-L, What it is -
Harp-L is an electronic mailing list for the discussion of harmonica 
music, playing, maintenance and all related topics.  A place for 
harmonipaths worldwide to wax lyrical about the world’s most fun 
and portable instrument.

Harp-L was founded by Chris Pierce, and orginally hosted at Western
Kentucky University.  When Chris left WKU in 1995, the list moved 
to it's new location at garply.com, in Huntsville, Alabama.  Chris
had to drop out of managing the list for a while, and handed over
the "owner-harp-l" hat to Hugh Messenger.

Hugh Messenger carried the ball from 1995 until 1997 when SPAH 
began sponsorship of the Harp-L and Danny Wilson, SPAH's Webmaster 
was appointed interim administrator until a better-qualified volunteer 
could be appointed. As of April 1, 1998, a new administration staff, 
led by Michael Polesky, and assisted by Ken Deifik and Robert 
Gaustad was appointed to handle the affairs of Harp-L. This trio 
has the background and experience to lead Harp-L to new heights. 
Let’s all give them the support they need.

In late 2002, Harp-L found a new home and new URL at harp-l@harp-l.com

Harp-L-Digest, What it is -

Harp-L is also available in Digest form via the Harp-L-Digest mailing
list.  The purpose of this mailing list is to send a single message
containing ALL mail posted to Harp-L during that day to the digest
subscribers.  This is merely a more convenient way for some people to
get the same information.

Even if you read harp-l via harp-l-digest, you should still be posting
to harp-l@harp-l.com, not harp-l-digest.

Harp-L-Workers, What it is - 

The purpose of this list is for discussion of the technical aspects of 
running the harp-l systems, and to "induct" people into a more formal 
group of people with administrative reponsibility for harp-l.  

Anyone who is interested in helping with the running of and 
further development of harp-l should subscribe to this list, by 
sending the command ...

subscribe harp-l-workers

... as the first and only line of a message to majordomo@harp-l.com.

Harp-L-Funding, What it is - 

The purpose of this list is to discuss and develop a strategy and 
philosophy for ensuring that harp-l can fund itself in the long run, 
and not forever rely on SPAH Inc,  to ensure either short or long 
term survival and growth.

If you have an interest in being an active participant in discussions
about harp-l's future as a self funding, non-profit organization, you
may subscribe to harp-l-funding by sending the command:

subscribe harp-l-funding

... as the first (and only) line of a message to majordomo@harp-l.com.

Majordomo, What it is  -

Majordomo is the mailing list processor which delivers harp-l mail and
handles administrative commands like susbcribing, unsubscribing,
retrieving archived mail, etc.

For a full list of majordomo commands, send the word ...


... as the first and only line of a message to majordomo@harp-l.com.

NOTE:  In Majordomo there is not a SET NOMAIL command.  If you want to 
       do this, you will simply need to "unsubscribe", and then
       again once you are ready to start receiving mail again.

Subscribing and Unsubscribing
To subscribe to one of the Harp-L lists, send the command ...

subscribe harp-l

... or ...

subscribe harp-l-digest

... as the first and only line of a message to majordomo@harp-l.com. 
You should receive a welcome message (and a copy of this README 
file) within a few minutes.

If you are planning on having your username changed or if your account
is going to be removed, please "unsubscribe harp-L" before the change
takes place.  If you don't remember how to "unsubscribe", please send an
e-mail message to Owner-Harp-L@harp-l.com explaining what your 
situation is and it will be taken care of.

If you are already a member of harp-l and wish to switch to the digest,
send the commands ...

subscribe harp-l-digest
unsubscribe harp-l

Posting -
Harp-L is a "restricted post" list, meaning that ONLY subscribed members
can post.  This is to prevent unsolicited email advertizing and other such
spam from cluttering up the list, and also to prevent endless "bounce
loops" from flooding the list.

Members of Harp-L-Digest are automatically "members" of Harp-L as far as
posting is concerned.

Anyone with multiple mail addresses probably needs to subscribe the
alternate ones to harp-l-friends, see later in this document.

Harp-L Archives -

Harp-L Archives currently being revised and updated - to be announced soon.

Harp-L Web -
Harp-L Web is a new project attempting to more fully integrate the
searchable web archives and the email list, along with some extra 

To use harp-l web, go to:


... where you will be guided through setting up an account, and pointed
to your new "Harp-L Home Page".

Harp-L-Friends -
Harp-L-Friends is a "dummy" list whose only purpose is to add email
addresses to the access list for posting to Harp-L.  For instance, if you 
have a business and a private email account, you will probably want to 
have one subscribed to the "real" list receiving mail, and the other one 
on harp-l-friends so you can post from it when necessary.

Or you may read Harp-L through the web archives rather than through the
email lists, in which case you need to be a member of harp-l-friends in
order to post.

To subscribe an address (yours or anybody elses) to harp-l-friends, send
the command ...

subscribe harp-l-friends the@email.address

... as the first and only line of a message to majordomo@harp-l.com.
Needless to say, replace "the@email.address" with the one you wish to

* IMPORTANT - Be SURE to read the next section...your membership may         *
* depend on it.                                                              * 

RULES & Netiquette -
Rules  -  a set of fixed principles or guidelines that determines
          conduct, habits, or customs.

Netiquette  -  the term for things that are considered polite and proper
               over the Internet (and especially with mailing lists).

NOTE:  In all cases where Harp-L is used, it refers to both the
       Harp-L@harp-l.com and Harp-L-Digest@harp-l.com mailing lists.

 o Commercial Content  -  Buy my stuff!

   As long as you are a "contributing member" of the list, and what you
   are posting is directly related to the harmonica, and you keep it to
   just a brief description and a URL (pointer, reference) to the mother
   lode, and you don't post more than once a month, and and and ... it's
   OK to send commercial announcements to the list.  If Owner-Harp-L
   asks you to no longer post your announcement, the request should be

 o Corrections  -  Content, Bad Spooling and Grammar.

   If someone posts information which is incorrect, polite and accurate
   corrections are welcome.  Rude comments and Flames will NOT be
   tolerated (see below).

   Don't even *think* about posting a criticism of someone's spelling
   or grammar to the list, if you know what they are saying, deal with the
   poor spelling and/or grammar.

 o Cutting & Quoting -  Editing your Replies.

   Cut out the MAJORITY of included text when replying to another
   person's message.  We do NOT need to re-read every message that is
   replied to.  If you do not know how to do this, consult your local
   Computer Guru...then if all else fails, write Owner-Harp-L@harp-l.com
   for help.

 o FAQs  -  Frequently Asked Questions.

   Currently the Harp-l Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) List
   is in the works.  But until this is released if you have a basic question
   which you think may be a FAQ you should check the Archives before
   posting to the list (in most likelihood your question has already been 

 o Flames  -  This will get you removed FAST!

   Flaming is when personal opinions clash and people verbally assault
   others.  Flaming is discouraged at ALL times on the Internet, and
   using the mailing list as a medium for flaming will result in immediate 
   removal from the list.

   There is sometimes a thin line between spirited debate and flaming.
   Owner-harp-l will usually post a general warning (usually with the
   subject being "ADMINISTRIVIA - chill pill") to the list if it looks
   like a debate is getting near the line.

 o Formatting  -  Line breaks in your Posts.
   Format your messages to be LESS than 80 columns (70 columns is best)
   in width.  It helps with readability.

 o Posting  -  Do you have anything to say?

   It is always tempting to reply to any given message with some witty
   remark, or off-topic comment.  This is OK on small / low volume lists,
   but on a high volume, large list is can rapidly become a problem of
   epidemic scale.  Please keep these exchanges as person to person email,
   not through the list.  This doesn't mean you can't include the cute or
   humorous stuff in other messages with some harp related content, but
   let's not get carried away.

   An often used and acceptable ploy is the ObHarpContent tag somewhere
   in your message, accompanied by some harmonica related tidbit of
   information, just to stay technically within the rules.

   The aim is to maintain a healthy sense of community and social
   interaction without swamping the list with non-harmonica trivia.

 o Not receiving mail  -  What to do when you don't get mail from Harp-L.

   If it seems you are no longer receiving mail from Harp-L, please send
   a message to Owner-Harp-L directly, and NOT to the mailing list.  It may
   be that there was a problem with the mailer, the Internet connection, or
   something else.  It could be that you were removed from the list for some
   reason.  Under NO circumstance should you write Harp-L to determine why
   you are not receiving mail.  Also, do not send TEST messages to Harp-L.

 o Signatures  -  Names, Addresses, and Quotes.

   Avoid large signatures.  It may be useful to know your address,
   telephone number, and dog's name, but it wastes bandwidth.  The
   current accepted length for a sig is FOUR lines.

   Also, it is very bad taste to post a sig that is longer than the
   message you are posting.

 o Subject Lines  -  Descriptions of your Posts.

   Please try to be descriptive in your Subject lines, some people have
   much mail to wade through and descriptive subject lines help

   Try to keep to one "thread" per message, which directly relates to
   the Subject.  If you want to discuss two topics, send two messages.

   Don't change Subject lines unless the thread has totally mutated
   into a new discussion.  Remember that harp-l mail is archived to
   a set of web pages, which allow people to sort by Subject.  If
   you un-necessarily change the Subject, less people will read what
   you have to say.

 o Private/Personal Conversations  -  

   Once a topic concerns only two or three people and not the list, the
   conversation should be taken to private e-mail and off of the list.
   Also, try to avoid asking a person for their e-mail address through the
   list, until you've exhausted ALL other resources (HINT:  Check the
   "From:" line in the message header or send a "who harp-l" to

 o Administrative Messages  -  Mail from Owner-Harp-L.

   Every now and then the list owner will post a message covering some
   administrative topic, with the first word of the Subject being

   These should ALWAYS be read and, and if necessary KEPT for future
   reference.  Unless the message invites on-list comment, you should
   never include the list in any replies to an ADMINISTRIVIA message.

   You should never send your own ADMINISTRIVIA messages, even 
   in jest.

 o Owner-Harp-L

   Owner-Harp-L is the person who administers both the list and the
   systems which run it, and has the responsibility to enforce the rules and
   regulations layed out in this document.  

   Regardless of rights and wrongs, what owner-harp-l says, goes.  This
   doesn't mean that his or her opinions carry any more weight, it just
   means that at the end of the day, someone has to make the decisions
   and lay down the law.

 o The Thought Police  -  

   If people do stuff that gets on your nerves, and it goes against the
   substance or spirit of this charter, say so.  Don't get personal or
   upset about it, just mail Owner-Harp-L and state your case.  If
   Owner-Harp-L agrees, s/he mails the individual and/or list and lays
   down the law.  The process is anonymous.  If Owner-Harp-L doesn't 
   agree, you drop it and get over it.

   If enough people start mailing Owner-Harp-L about something not
   covered by this document, Owner-Harp-L has to take the issue to 
   the list and get a vote to change the charter.

 o The Spirit  -  of Harp-L and this document.

   The spirit of this document is to promote a list "atmosphere" that
   is still friendly and personal, but which maintains a tight focus.

 o Spamming  -  If you don't know what it is, ask a Computer Nerd....

   Commercial Spammers and Spewers Will Be Shot.

* NOTE:  Go back and REread the last section.  If you do not follow these    *
*        rules and guidelines, the list owner reserves the right to remove   *
*        you from the list WITHOUT notice and in extreme cases, without the  *
*        opportunity to rejoin later.                                        *

Need Help? -
Again, any questions or problems about the List or the management of
the List should be sent to Owner-Harp-L@harp-l.com 


The "Chris Pierce Plan", What it is -

My plan/dream is to make the World a better place by creating sources of
Harmonica Information in ALL areas of the Internet!  It started with the
Harp-L Mailing List, then came the HarmoniGopher, and most recently
Cyber Harp World.  Hopefully, we will continue to expand and grow.

 - Chris Pierce, creator-harp-l

For quick reference info on Harp-L, go to Quick Reference.

Update: August 6, 2003

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